Top Rated Taffeta Label

Taffeta labels are the most popular form of woven labels because they are the most cost effective.

At Southland Patch and Promotions, it is our goal to create only high quality taffeta labels and other materials for our woven labels! With our wide range of resources, we proudly offer a huge selection of patches and labels made with various materials such as our gorgeous satin labels, woven labels, and more!

The simplicity in weaving taffeta labels allows them to be ideal for all types of company logo labels, brand identity labels, and care/content labels etc.

Taffeta labels are recommended when price-sensitivity is required however; this does not decrease the quality of this form of woven labels.  

Our beautifully crafted taffeta labels feature the tightest weave structure possible and as a result, boast stability and durability, even at relatively low thread density. Taffeta labels are very economical for basic labeling.

To order our taffeta labels or any other woven labels, please give our professional staff a call at (870) 335-6384!

You can also order patches online by using our email address,

Our capabilities in this field for regular taffeta label
  • Single shuttle
  • Double shuttle
  • Heat adhesive labels
  • Pressure sensitive labels
  • Lurex yarn woven labels
  • Laser cut woven badges
  • Combination of woven labels with embroidery finish
  • Regular taffeta woven labels

* All of the items shown here with registered trademark and logo strictly for demonstration purposes only and are not available for sale

Taffeta Labels Taffeta Labels Taffeta Labels Taffeta Labels Taffeta Labels