At Southland Patch and Promotions, our expert quality woven labels manufacturers work hard to provide only superior products to our customers. Damask labels are a form of high definition weaving using at least two threads. Our beautifully crafted damask labels are made with higher density to provide finer details and outstanding colors.

Damask weaves are more expensive than Taffeta labels, as this type of weaving is more complex. However, due to the complex weaving and top grade materials, our damask labels are one of the highest quality products among our woven patches and labels.

High quality is achieved by high intensity and thinner yarns. When our quality woven labels and damask label manufacturers create your products, they adhere to a high standard for clarity of detail and true logo interpretation. Choose our damask labels for any detailed designs or texts you want. The cost can be higher but the quality of the label is also increased for a fancy, appealing appearance. This technique is widely used for main labels to enhance brand image.

To order your custom damask labels, please give our expert staff a call today at (870) 335-6384 or email us at southlandpatch@gmail.com!

Our capabilities in this field :
  • Heat adhesive labels
  • Pressure sensitive labels
  • Regular damask labels
  • Laser cut damask woven badges
  • Labels with mesh effect

* All of the items shown here with registered trademark and logo strictly for demonstration purposes only and are not available for sale

Damask Labels