Woven labels offer permanent branding solutions to any garment or promotional products. They withstand industrial and home washing using 100% polyester threads that won’t bleed onto the material. Easily sew these woven labels onto clothing, purses, luggage, rugs, towels, bedding and other promotional products. For labels or designs with intricate details, our custom labels deliver vivid colors and clarity no matter how complex an image can be. With your choice of Damask, metallic or satin threads, make your woven labels stand out, no matter what you use it for. Whether you want to show off your company logo or add garment fabric information, woven labels demonstrate excellent branding opportunities for your company.

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Types of Woven Labels

  • Damask Labels are the most common type. Damask is made up of polyester yarns which come in hundreds of colors. Damask can weave fine details and is very soft against the skin.
  • If you're looking for something soft and shiny, that has a vintage look, you might be interested in satin woven labels..
  • Satin does not weave small details and lettering as well as damask labels and has more distinct weave. Satin polyester threads weave the background, while regular damask polyester threads are used to weave the text and design on your label.

Types of Folds

Woven label styles

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