The Benefits of Custom Clothing Labels for Your Garments

It’s been said that the clothing makes the man (or woman), and there is some definite truth to that statement. Your clothing says a lot about your personality. Every item of clothing you select showcases your interests, your hobbies, your general taste and your general stance.

What you wear is an extension of your character. If fashion is your forte and you are interested in becoming a fashion designer, there are some definite things that you are going to want to pay attention to when you design your garments. And, believe it or not, the labels are one of the most important things.

A label illustrates who made the garment and acts as a calling card for your clothing line. Incorporate the right labels into your clothing and you will surely leave a good impression on those who wear your designs. Unfortunately, many people who are just getting started in the fashion industry don’t put too much thought into the labels that are featured on their clothing. That’s a bad idea.

To gain a better understanding of the importance of labels for your clothing, keep on reading.

Types of Clothing Labels

There are several different types of clothing labels, and the fabric used to make them can make a huge difference. Labels that are made of synthetic fabrics are economical, but if you want to make a really strong impression, opt for satin labels. A label that is made of high-quality fabric indicates that your garments are high-quality, too.

Label Information

What information should clothing labels contain? If nothing else, make sure that they feature the name of your clothing line; however, you can also incorporate other pertinent information, such as size, materials the garments are made of, and care instructions for the garment.

The right labels can do a world of wonder for your clothing line. For quality clothing labels for your brand, visit today.

Types of Clothing Labels

You love fashion and you have incredible ideas for a clothing line. So, you decide that you want to turn your love for fashion into your career. That’s fantastic! Aside from the designs, choosing the right fabrics and having the clothing made, there’s something else that you need to consider: the labels. Yes, the labels that you will feature on your clothing are extremely important. They brand your clothing and give it a name. Without them, nobody would know who made them, which makes them a pretty important detail.

Given the fact that labels are so important, you are going to want to know what types of labels are available for clothing. Here’s a look at some of the most commonly used clothing labels.

Woven Labels

Quality woven labels are made on a weaving loom and use a high-quality woven material. The material is placed onto a cut and fold machine in one large sheet of thread, where it is woven, cut, and folded. The completed label is then sewn into the seam of the neck or at the side or bottom of the garment.

Damask Clothing Labels

Damask is a popular material for clothing labels because it is soft and subtle. The material is woven very tightly, which gives it a refined finish. The completed label is then sewn into the neckline or the hemline of the garment.

Printed Clothing Labels

These are the most generic of all clothing labels, and the least expensive to make. The information on the label is imprinted into the material via ink and plates. You can choose various colors that suit your taste and you can even have them coordinated to match your clothing.

Choosing the right labels for your clothing is as important as choosing the right fabric and design. For quality woven labels you can trust, visit today.

How to Be Fashionable With Patches

southland patch and promotions tabasco patchPatches on clothing are a great fashion trend because they were a way for people to decorate their clothes and show off their style. Clothing patches are now a great way to show your interests, differentiate yourself from the pack, or a way to signify your pack! Patches can make a piece of clothing pop and can be worn on the following:


Patches are now a great and usually inexpensive way to decorate an old or boring hat.


This is probably the most common way that patches are displayed. Motorcycle groups, athletes, models, and so many more constantly show off their group name or team name by using patches. With modern patch styles, ranging from silk, embroidered, or even woven, there is definitely a patch for everyone!


Pants, and more specifically jeans, are another great way to display a patch. This is great for creating a unique look to your outfit. Patches are also great if your pants are starting to rip but you want to maintain the fabric!


Dress up an old pair of canvas sneakers, like Converse sneakers, or make your shoes truly your own!

Whether you’re a clothing manufacturer, an athlete, or just want to spruce up your everyday look, patches are a great option!

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The Differences Between Woven and Embroidered Patches

patchesWith the wide variety of patch and label materials, it can be really difficult trying to choose the best kind for your needs. However, the most common style of patches and labels are either woven or embroidered. Read on for some comparisons between an embroidered patch and a woven patch!

Woven Patches

Many people gravitate towards using woven patches because they are usually 30-50% cheaper to make and since they are also quicker to create, there is a fast turnaround time for the manufacturing process. Woven patches are also usually flatter which makes them easier to sew or iron on. They also can be larger than a label and allow for a larger logo or more detail.

Embroidered Patches

People choose embroidered patches because they have a more three-dimensional look to them. The patches are more densely stitched giving them more of a lift. Embroidered patches offer a classy look but can be more expensive and not be as good with fine details.


Both woven and embroidered patches can look great but it depends on your budget and the look you want to achieve.

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Tips on Designing Effective Patches and Labels For Your Company (Part Two)

Southland Patch & Promotions, Inc. thunderbird patchIn our last blog post, we discussed tips on designing the best patches and labels for your company. Read on to learn more tips!


The material of your patches and labels are important because you want them to effectively promote your products or company. White or foil materials can help the label stand out while clear materials can allow you to make custom shapes or allow the label to blend with the container better. Satin labels are great for clothing and because they are soft, they may reduce skin discomfort. You can also choose from damask labels, taffeta labels, and other materials. Selecting the right kind depends on the personality of your business, your budget, and how you want the patches and labels to be used.

Bleed or Not Bleed?

When your patches and labels bleed, this means that the design flows off the edges of the label. If there is no label, then there will be a border around your design. Both look great but choosing which one all depends on what design you have for your company’s patches and labels.


Using a picture or image on your patches and labels are a great way to catch your customer’s eye and to promote your products. Sometimes a picture is better than texts because it is straight to the point and helps customer’s see what your business is all about!

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Tips on Designing Effective Patches and Labels For Your Company (Part One)

logoWelcome to Southland Patch and Promos, the leading manufacturer of high quality patches and labels for your company. With state-of-the-art technology and only the best materials, we are sure to design you woven labels that will wow you and your customers!

However, with all the different options such as laser cut labels, taffeta labels, satin labels, etc. it is hard to select the best one for your needs. Read on to learn more!

When creating your patches and labels, you want to be sure you are picking out a design that will stand out against your competitors. With a wide array of materials and designs, you can make a label that perfectly encompasses your business.

Colors and Size

When selecting the best design for your patches and labels, you want to consider the colors that best suit your company. If you want a more serious tone to your labels, you may want solid colors like blue. If you are an environmentally conscious company, green and browns are a great choice. Also, if you are using these labels and patches for containers of your products, you want to make sure they enhance the product.


The font you choose is important when designing your patches and labels because you want to make sure it is easy to read. Since you have minimal space on your patches and labels, you want to make sure you are choosing the best phrase to market your brand or company. If people cannot read those words, they will not be interested in learning more about your company. However, you also want to choose a font that catches the eye. If your product or company is not serious, you can consider a fun font that plays up the attitude of your company.

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